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Immersive Planetarium Theater Experience at your doorstep - Schools, Birthdays, Weddings, Corporate Events, Parties, Musical Events & More....
Grant Elementary Mrs Shaw's Class
Grant Elementary
Special Event
Birthday Party
Birthday Party 1
United Nations Conference 2019
Jazz Bear Mountain America Expo Center
Grant Elementary Aaron Teaching
Mrs Shaw

StarSmart University offers a captivating 30-minute cosmic journey through our solar system, stars, galaxies, and beyond. Join us for a quick, inspiring adventure through space, from the Moon to black holes.

Theatre Requirements:

The Discovery Dome Theatre must be used indoors, on a clean floor that is at least 25 feet long by 25 feet with a 15 foot ceiling and have an accessible standard grounded (3 Prong) electrical outlet.

A presenter will travel to your location to set up and operate the Discovery Dome
*Multiple Day Visits may incur additional lodging expenses and/or multiple trip mileage reimbursements for destinations over 50 miles from origin. (Salt Lake County)*

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