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Dear Educator,

Over the last decade there has been a strong and growing interest in improving science education in the United States. Although a plethora of innovative curricular and pedagogical approaches to science education have been investigated and developed, the translation and implementation of these findings have been weak at best; placing additional pressure on an already busy science faculty without an additional incentive or reward to do so. This has caused frustration for educators, parents and students alike.

We would like to offer a better solution for Utah’s Educators. Introducing Star Smart University-- A team of professionals and science enthusiasts with over 20 years of accumulated experience served from the much loved and respected Hansen Planetarium as well as our current Clark Planetarium.

Our library includes Immersive 3D-Picture Dome Science Shows, night sky simulation and Musical Entertainment Shows. Our new portable dome theatre offers a state-of-the art visual learning experience that can reach your students like nothing else can! It places your students in the “middle of the action”... Taking them on many journeys-- soaring past roaring dinosaurs, raging rivers and monster storms both on Earth and on the Sun. We have a variety of shows that cover many different subjects; from how our inner body functions, to asking that age-old question: “Are there other worlds with intelligent life out there?”-- all the while, immersing and engaging students in a very realistic way. We can take students on a real-time exploration of our Solar System, revealing what is happening at any given moment! (Real-time content can be adjusted for grade level.)

Our main purpose is to assist our Educators in meeting their core science curriculum goals! Teachers can choose from content that covers Astronomy, Physical,Biology and Earth sciences. The Planets, the Moon’s phases & eclipses, Earth’s seasons, weather and The Sky Tonight are all included! Other students across the country have been enjoying similar programs since 1998. We thought that it was time Utah joined in the fun! And the best part of it is... We come to you!

We are Star Smart University-- Transcending the ordinary to awaken and ignite, in your students, the Wonder of Science!

Aaron McEuen

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